1980+ Icons – Orchid Icon Bundle

Orchid Icon Bundle

Orchid Icon Bundle

About the Product

This Orchid Icon Bundle includes 1981 Vector Icons from 25 Premium

Collections, such as:

55 Customer Feedback Icons
60 Gamification Icons https
64 Camping Icons
64 Copyright Law Icons
65 Logistics Icons
66 Office Icons
68 Space Icons
70 Communication Icons
70 Game Design Icons
70 Sport Equipment Icons
73 Data Analytics Icons
74 Computer Science Icons
78 Coffee Icons
79 Futuristic Icons
80 Robotic Icons
85 Business Icons
88 Digital Marketing Icons
88 Smart Technology Icons
90 Human Resources Icons
90 Startup Icons
91 Fintech Icons
95 Business People Icons
95 Cryptocurrency Icons
100 SEO Icons
123 Interior Icons

Whether you are launching a small, medium or large enterprise, you may find these icons useful for the following purposes:

to describe your services and offerings on your website
as supporting graphics on your social media such as Facebook Page, Instagram Story Cover, Pinterest Graphics and more
to beautify your company presentation slide deck
to design eye-catching infographics for your startup
as decorating element in your print based materials such as brochures, flyers, business cards and more… the possibilities are endless!

What You Will Receive?

A zip file that includes all 1981 unique icons in the following formats:

.SVG – works with Sketch
.PNG sized 256×256
.PNG sized 512×512

To access the download links, you must purchase a special subscription . Please , click in here for buy membership


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