3D Men’s Soccer Kit Long Sleeve

3D Men's Soccer Kit Long Sleeve

3D Men's Soccer Kit Long Sleeve

About the Product

This mockup file can only work in Adobe Photoshop (CC2018 and above)
Only 1 single file is available that can be rotated 360 degrees and edited in sections that have been prepared complete with stitch patterns.
This PSD file has dimensions of 2835×2835 pixels with a resolution of 72 dpi
Avoid lag when editing is recommended to decrease the resolution while working and increase the resolution again when it is finished
It is very easy to use and helps practitioners in the sublimation industry -Only need one 3D mockup you can work to apply the design to all different parts and can be directly used as a sewing guide
Please contact my contact if you have anything to ask or watch the youtube link for a tutorial using this mockup

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