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Sport Icons

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Baseball, also known as America’s favorite pastime is the first professional sport there! The roar of the crowd, the rivalry between the teams, and the hot dog sellers in the games have been iconic in showing baseball at its truest sense. It’s a game of wits, of technical and mechanical skills that pits two teams against each other to push beyond their limits!

These 75 Baseball Icons will also push your project beyond their limits! With completely customizable designs, they will surely add extra flavor to what you are making. They are versatile too, you can put them anywhere you want, from offline marketing like brochures or even billboards, to online attempts like websites or apps! Take your projects to the next level with this icon set!

This Baseball Icon Set Includes:

Advanced Stats, Ballpark Parking, Ballpark Tours, Ballplayer, Base, Baseball Bar, Baseball Cards, Baseball Hall Of Fame, Baseball Park, Baseball, Bat, Batt And Ball, Batter, Batting Average, Batting Cage, Bullpen, Catcher, Cheats, Chessy Fries, Cup, Curveball, Doughnuts-38, Doughnuts-39, Dugout, Fan Horn, Fantasy Baseball, Female Baseball Fan, Fielder, Game Schedule, Glove, Group Ticket, Hat, Helmet, Home Run, Infield, Infielder, Instant Replay, Leaders, Major League, Male Baseball Fan, Mascot, Mask, Minor League, National Champoinships, Non-Game Day Events, Outfield, Outfilder, Pitch, Pitcher, Pitching Machine, Popcorn, Projections, Rosters, Runner, Scoreboard, Screwball, Season Ticket, Senior Circuit, Single Ticket, Soda, Softball, Standard Stats, Standings, Stands, Team Gift Shop, Team Owner, Teams, Three Strikes, Ticket For Sale, Two Bats, Umpire, Uniform, Upcoming Games, Watch Live Game, World Series

Formats Included:

1 .IconJar
1 .PDF
2 .AI
75 .EPS
75 .SVG
75 .PNG sized 256×256
75 .PNG sized 512×512
Compatible with Adobe XD, Figma, Sketch, Affinity Designer.

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