80+ Genuine & Authentic Asian Patterns for Photoshop

Patterns for Photoshop

Patterns for Photoshop

Pattern work has for centuries been an integral part of Asian design, with deep rooted meanings and cultural symbolism. From ceramics and pottery to textiles and architecture, seemingly simple ornamental patterns carry with them a rich cultural heritage. It’s this centuries old heritage we’ve drawn on to produce our collection of contemporary Asian patterns, strongly influenced by traditional Chinese and Japanese shapes, as well as styles from Korea, Vietnam, Thailand & Cambodia. About this resource: This freebie is a sample pack by Asian Elements, created using their incredible collection of 100 Asian Patterns for Photoshop & Illustrator, available This freebie contains over 80 seamless tiles in Photoshop.pat file. If you’d like to get the full version of this resource so you can customise colours and use the patterns with both Photoshop & Illustrator, check out the full set here.

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