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Adobe Animate

Adobe Animate

Adobe Animate CC is the new name for Adobe Flash Professional software, which has been used as a standard tool for producing rich web animations for nearly two decades. During these years, new versions of this software were released, which due to changes and improvements in the web world, their tools were improved / developed compared to previous versions. To better show the position of this software as a leading tool in the field of animation, since the beginning of 2016, the name of Flash Professional has been changed to Adobe Animate.

Adobe Animate CC software is a suitable tool for web designers and multimedia workers. In the new version, Adobe has tried to improve the programming and coding capabilities and work environment, and at the same time try to add new design tools. To meet the needs of designers as well. Other new features include a powerful text engine, mobile device support, and ease of performance and enhanced programming tools. Coherent and cohesive components and having a wide design work environment that allows content to be presented through media formats are other key features.

Key features of Adobe Animate CC software:

Very simple environment to do design work
Testing and debugging via USB
Powerful code editor
Design in two-dimensional and three-dimensional modes
Very powerful translator for written codes
Object Base software work base
Full compatibility with other Adobe software such as Adobe Photoshop
Full Action Script 3 support
Very complete and attractive user interface and also changed in the new version
Save time creating flash files due to the existence of different tools that greatly reduce coding
Supports common FLV and SWF formats
XFL support that enables the user to flash the contents of software such as IndDesign or After Effects.

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