Artstation – Creating a Tie Fighter with Substance Designer

Star Wars has always been is a huge source of inspiration for me. In this tutorial we will be recreating the iconic Tie Fighter using Substance Designer. We’ll walk through various techniques as we create each of the different components. The tutorial is broken down into 12 parts where we focus on one component at a time, building each one from scratch. We start by walking through the geometry we are going be using for this project, as well creating some masks in Photoshop. We then follow up with the creation of the base panels, windows, wings and finally end with creating the colors.

The goal of the tutorial is not to recreate the exact Tie Fighter from the movies but instead find good procedural solutions to create/generate hard surface details. This tutorial gives a comprehensive insight into how to break down complex projects into manageable chunks.

Included is my new Substance boot-camp videos that will help any beginner navigate the UI as well as get familiar with working with nodes.


– Over 4.5 hours of training

– Substance Designer utility nodes: DeteClamp, DeteCurveCollection, DeteDuplicator, DeteLowPassing, DetePatternPlacer.

– Project Geometry

– Stream video directly (for Studios who need downloadable files, get in touch)

To access the download links, you must purchase a special subscription . Please , click in here for buy membership


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