Azure Pipeline & App Center for Xamarin Projects

Azure Pipeline & App Center for Xamarin Projects

Complete jounnery of Xamarin.Android & Xamarin.iOS project from source code to publish app on Google Play and App Store

Comparison between manual and Azure Pipeline publishing of Android & iOS app

Xamarin.Android App Publishing on Google Play Store Manually

Create Keyfile/upload key.

Create App on Google Play.

Sign .apk with Keyfile/upload key and upload it on Google Play.

Xamarin.iOS App Publishing on Apple App Store Manually

Create certificate, Identifier and Profile on Apple developer portal.

Install certificate & Provisioning Profile on development machine.

Create App on appstoreconnect where iOS app will publish.

Sign *.ipa with distribution provisioning and upload signed *.ipa to appstoreconnect using Transporter.

Azure Pipeline

Azure DevOps Basics

Azure Pipeline Architecture Overview

Azure Pipeline and .yml file

Azure Pipeline Tasks

App Center

App center Basics

App Center Build Services

App Center Distribute Services

App Center Distribute Release

Connect to Google Play from App Center

Connect to Apple App Store from.

Azure Pipeline for Xamarin.Android Project

Create Xamarin.Android Pipeline with default tasks

Add Key file in Azure Pipeline Library

Add Android Signing, App Center Distribute Task and Publish Artifacts task with all required inputs parameters

Run task and publish the Android app on Google Play using App center

Azure Pipeline for Xamarin.iOS Project

Create Xamarin.iOS Pipeline with default tasks.

Add .p12 certificate and Distribution Provisioning Profile in Azure Pipeline Library

Add Apple Certificate Installation, Apple Provisioning Profile Signing,Publish Artifacts and App Center Distribute task with all required parameter in Pipeline.

Run task and publish the iOS app on Apple App store using App center

Beyond the Basics

Extension for Azure

Version Pipeline Task for Android & iOS

Azure CLI & Bash Pipeline Task

App Center Service Connection


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