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WordPress Developer

Learn PHP, javascript, WordPress theming & the WP REST API to Create Custom & Interactive WordPress Websites

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Welcome to the Course!
Getting Started
What is a Dev Environment? (Your First Installation)
If You’re Unable to Install Local by Flywheel
First Taste of PHP
First Coding Steps: PHP
A Note About URLs / My Address Bar
Creating a New Theme
PHP Functions
PHP Arrays
WordPress Specific PHP
The Famous “Loop” in WordPress
Header & Footer
Optional: If You Want To Skip To One of The Final Chapters In The Course…
Convert Static HTML Template into WordPress
Quick Note About The Next Lesson
Interior Page Template
Parent & Children Pages
To Echo or Not To Echo
Menu of Child Page Links
A Few Quick Edits / Improvements
Navigation Menus
Navigation Menus (Continued)
Building the Blog Section
Blog Listing Page (index.php vs front-page.php)
Blog Continued
Blog Archives (archive.php)
Custom Queries
Blog: Few Quick Edits & Improvements
Workflow and Automation
Important Note About Your Theme Folder Name
Workflow and Automation (Part 1)
Workflow and Automation (Part 2)
FAQ: Workflow & Automation
Optional: Skip The Automated Workflow Entirely
Important Note About The Next Lesson
Optional: The Finished Product Of This Course: All In One Import File
Events Post Type
Custom Post Types
Displaying Custom Post Types
Quick Timeout: Misc Updates
Custom Fields
A Note About the WordPress Post Edit Screen
Ordering (Sorting) Custom Queries
Manipulating Default URL Based Queries
Past Events Page (Custom Query Pagination)
Programs Post Type
Creating Relationships Between Content
Displaying Relationships (Front-End)
Quick Program Edits
Professors Post Type
Quick Note About The Next Lesson
Professors Post Type
Featured Image (Post Thumbnail)
Featured Image Sizes & Cropping
Page Banner Dynamic Background Image
Cleaner Code (Less Duplication)
Reduce Duplicate Code – Create Our Own Function
Quick Fix For Page Banner Function
Using Our “pageBanner” Function
Reduce Duplication – “get_template_part()”
Campus Post Type
Note About Google Maps javascript API
Campus Post Type
Campus Map on Front-End
Campuses Continued
Final Campus Details
Live Search (UI javascript)
Live Search
Quick Note About The Next Lesson
Open and Close Search Overlay
Preventing the Text Field Suggestions Pop-up
Keyboard Events in javascript
Managing Time in javascript
Waiting / Loading Spinner Icon
Quick Note About The Next Lesson
Load WP Content with JS
Generate HTML Based on JSON
Conditional Logic Within Template Literal
Quick Misc Edits
Synchronous vs Asynchronous (Part 1)
Synchronous vs Asynchronous (Part 2)
Customizing the REST API
REST API: Add New Custom Field
REST API: Add New Custom Route (URL)
Create Your Own Raw JSON Data
WP_Query and Keyword Searching
Working With Multiple Post Types
Combining Front-End & Back-End
3 Column Layout for Search Overlay
Custom Layout & JSON based on Post Type
Quick Note About The Next Lesson
Search Logic That’s Aware of Relationships
Search Logic That’s Aware of Relationships (Part 2)
Completing Our Search Overlay
jQuery Free Live Search
Non-JS Fallback Traditional Search
Traditional WordPress Searching
Traditional WordPress Searching (Part 2)
User Roles and Permissions
User Roles and Permissions
Open Registration
Open Registration (Part 2)
User Generated Content
“My Notes” Feature
“My Notes” Front-end Part 1
“My Notes” Front-end Part 2
Quick Note About The Next Lesson
Delete Posts with the REST API
Edit / Update Posts with the REST API
Creating New Notes
Creating New Notes (Part 2)
Note Permissions and Security (Part 1)
Note Permissions and Security (Part 2)
Per-User Post Limit
Quick Note About CSS
jQuery Free My Notes
Like or “Heart” Count for Professors
Let Users “Like” Content (Part 1)
Let Users “Like” Content (Part 2)
Creating Custom POST and DELETE Endpoints
Programmatically Create a Post
Enforce Limit of One Like Per User/Teacher Combo
Completing the LikeBox
jQuery Free LikeBox
Going Live: Deploying Our WordPress Site
Going Live with Our Website
A Note About Google Maps and Our Live Site
Path A (Simple and Quick)
Path B (Advanced / Manually Moving a Site)
Database Config for Two Site Environments
Ignoring Certain Files with Git
Automatic Git Deployments to Web Host
Extra Credit Challenges & Topics
Challenge: Make Homepage Slideshow Dynamic
Challenge: Create a Basic Plugin
Gutenberg Block Editor Essentials
Create a Custom Block Type (Part 1)
Create a Custom Block Type (Part 2)
Create a Custom Block Type (Part 3)
Final Chapter
Challenge: Have an Update Plan in Place (Security)
Challenge: Query Vars
Finale: javascript Next Steps
Using React In Our Project
Bonus Lecture

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