Chain, Necklace for PROCREATE-X5

Jewelry, beads, chains and crystals

Jewelry, beads, chains and crystals

About the Product

This is the largest set of jewelry to create. Now with one stroke of Apple Pencil you can create a variety of accessories and jewelry. This set has crystal chain beads and pendants. This set is ideal for wedding and fashion designers, for shoe and bag designers. You can make sketches of your products according to rhinestones and beads. Experience this wonderful feeling when you can create a whole scattering of jewelry with just one movement. you can use the threads of jewelry or you can make whole designer accessories. 61 brush stamp! the largest of its kind in the entire creative market. Just one move and a great result. High resolution stamp imprint. Quick and easy installation. This kit will help you to be freer in your work.

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