150 HAND CRAFTED CRT-SOUNDS INCLUDING GLITCHES, TRANSITIONS, NOISES, IMPACTS, BASE SCORES,  FULL SOUNDTRACKS AND MORE! People used to tell me sound was more important than visuals and I didn’t believe them. That was until I tried it for myself. I was wrong. The sound design process can be difficult and intimidating when you’re jumping in for the first time, but I’ve teamed up with German producer Ole Köber to create an easy to use sound effects pack composed of building blocks and pre-built complex sound design structures. If you’re anything like me, you probably hate the never ending process of searching for royalty free sound effects. Thankfully, all of the sounds inside of CRT-Sounds are pre-licensed for Personal and Commercial Use! (*Excluding the Soundtracks folder, see readme file for more info)    What’s inside? The goal was to create a sound effects pack tailor-made for videographers with the quality of a professionally engineered analog sound, and I think we did it! In other words, you can use the building blocks to add sound on top of your visuals, or use the pre-built structures as the source of your visual inspiration and instantly take your projects to the next level!

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