Galaxy Creator Kit for Procreate

Galaxy Creator

Galaxy Creator

About the Product

The Galaxy Creator includes 50+ super fun procreate brushes and stamps that’ll help you create gorgeous galaxies and night sky scenes.

The kit comes with authentic galaxy textures, nebulae, moon and constellation stamps and also included are 20+ bonus silhouette shape stamps to inspire your creativity + glitter brushes to add some glittery shimmer to your galaxies that can just as well be used for lettering!

Galaxy Creator Kit for Procreate Includes:

20+ galaxy texture brushes in a .brushset file
8 nebula brushes in a .brushset file
14 constellation + star brush stamps in .brushset file
7 moon stamps in .brushset file
10+ glitter brushes in .brushset file
Bonus: 23 silhouette stamps in .brushset file

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