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MAGIC BOX Description:

Magic Box is an advanced photoshop plugin that comes to save your time! as a graphic designer or an artist, you need to spend hours and hours to create a single design, but with Magic Box just forget about that because you can create you favorite design in seconds and in one click without spending any time and without any effort. Magic Box comes with a collection of ready effects in different design types & styles to satisfy your requirements in different fields.

MAGIC BOX Features:

Modern & Flexible Photoshop Plugin.
01 Click Apply Effects.
High Resolution Result.
Fast Online Support.
Full PDF Tutorials.
MAGIC BOX Contents:
+70 Elements.
06 Artistic FX:
Palette Knife.
Giclee Art.
Modern Art.
Golden Art.
30 Grading Colors:
05 Moody.
05 Cinematic.
05 CyberPunk.
05 Teal & Orange.
05 Pro HDR.
05 Urban.
06 Posters Kits:
Fashion Show.
Clean & Minimal.
Jazz Festival.
Double Exposure.
Business Event.
GYM & Fitness.
06 Texts Styles:
Frozen styles.
Hell Style.
Golden Style.
Silver Style.
Diamond Style.
Pearl Style.
26 App UI Kits:
10 Music Players.
10 Shopping & Stores.
06 Health a Fitness.

MAGIC BOX Requirements:

Adobe Photoshop CC2015.5 until CC2021.
Need Oil Paint & Camera Raw Filer plugins.

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