Oracle GoldenGate 12c database replication workshop

Oracle GoldenGate 12c database replication workshop

Oracle GoldenGate 12c database replication workshop

What you’ll learn

Understand all the basics about Oracle databases replication with Oracle GoldenGate tool
Create a duplicated and synchronized environment for emergency or reporting
Perform a database migration with (almost) zero downtime
Learn a lot of stuff about Oracle12c architecture, Multitenant databases, new features of GoldenGate12c, …
Create a lab test environment with two OraLinux servers with Oracle to test logical replications


Basic knowledge of database architecture
Some knowledge of Oracle databases and linux Operative Systems
Some knowledge about virtual machines
Having a PC or laptop with 4GB of RAM (optimal) available to create two virtual servers (2GB each) and disk space available of 50GB for the virtual servers disks.


Are you ready to create your own database replication environment with Oracle GoldenGate 12c? and have in your PC a complete database environment with two oracle servers and Oracle GoldenGate 12c installed and set up to replicate data from one server to another? and do you want to test it all in real, with all scripts and logs, to make it all work in your self-made test environment?

Then this course is for you. This is a practical workshop where you will learn how to replicate Oracle12c databases using Oracle GoldenGate12c by building your own replication environment. The course will give you the basics and the step by step practices to reproduce, in your virtual machines, a feel like production environment where you will replicate a database schema keeping it in sync with the source database.

In the course you will be guided step by step to set up and verify all steps in the Oracle GoldenGate12c installation and configuration, by using VirtualBox virtual machines with a pre-built Oracle12c multitenant database ready to use. You will start up in your laptop or PC two virtual machines with OraLinux servers and you will practice all the exercises in a total real environment.

So, even the workshop is based on OraLinux and Oracle12c multitenant, the replication theory would be valid for any supported environment you want to replicate: SQLServer through an Oracle server, or an Oracle Server to a DB2, etc. and including different versions like replicating data from an old Oracle11g to a Oracle12c with or without multitenant.

The course is divided into three main sections:

1.- Laboratory installation, which will include detailed instructions to install and set up: Oracle VirtualBox, two virtual machines with OraLinux, each Oracle database server for GoldenGate, The installation and configuration of Oracle GoldenGate12c and a sample schema.

2.- Basic replication, using the same database as source and target, for a single table.

3.- Advanced replication, using the two servers to propagate all transactions from the source database to the target database at schema level (all tables and sequences). You woulc use this method to perform a database version upgrade to a new database release, having two environments in sync, and doing the upgrade by just stopping the source environment and starting the target database to the users. This is often called “upgrade with almost zero downtime”, and it’s one of the most valuable upgrading procedures when it comes to upgrade critical servers.

In other words, you will learn how to build a new replicated environment you may use as reporting database, or quality assurance test servers where you may test live your “go to production” procedures, or using it as a DR (disaster recovery) database copy ready to use in production in a severe lost of the main database, with all up to date transactions!.

And so, you will find lots of chapters with important information about the Oracle GoldenGate funcionality and the particular considerations about Oracle database at administration level, such as setting up the supplemental login, how to manage multitenant Oracle12c database, important aspects about the logging files and transactional processing, or how to copy a schema consistent to a point in time to create an identical target based on a SCN.

The course also includes quizzes, checks, scripts, dictionary of terms and concepts, and basic troubleshooting guide it may be useful in your daily work. It’s a complete guide and workshop with a practical laboratory you may use and keep for further tests and checks.

Who this course is for:

Database Administrators
Application developers or administrators
Anyone who wants to know the tech aspects of a logical database replication between Oracle databases with Oracle GoldenGate tool
Project leaders who want to know or participate in replication projects

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