Photoshop Stamp Brushes Bundle 2020

Stamp Brushes

Stamp Brushes

About the Product

I would like to introduce a bundle of all our 2020 Photoshop brushes. You get 775 unique stamp brushes, 1 Layer Style for Adobe Photoshop and 18 Pre-made cards in 1 item.

The bundle includes 8 products with various Photoshop brushes. These are the sets of modern stamps painted with watercolor, gouache, ink, stencil and acrylic. Each brush has an authentic texture and small hand-painted imperfections. You can easily change the size, color, blending mode and rotation of stamps.

The brushes are suitable for various professional purposes. Use them for printing products, branding, packaging and other surface design. Combine brushes with photos and typography, create social media templates, moodboards and modern collages. You can also create trendy posters for your interior in a few clicks.


The bundle includes only the ABR, ASL-files and bonus files of the following products (Procreate brushes and PNG-files are not included

PLEASE NOTE: You need Adobe Photoshop CS6 or higher to use the brushes. To install the brushes just drag and drop ABR-file on Photoshop. There is a free sample in each set of brushes, to find it please read the description for the desired product from the links above.

To access the download links, you must purchase a special subscription . Please , click in here for buy membership


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