Pretty Links Pro WordPress Plugin Features

WordPress Plugin

WordPress Plugin

Temporary (302) Redirects
Cloaked Redirects
PrettyBar Redirects
Temporary (307) Redirects
Permanent (301) Redirects
Javascript Redirects
Meta-Refresh Redirects
Link Categories
Link Tags
Automatic Link Titles
Static Bookmarklet
Tracking Pixel Redirects
Insert Links in Gutenberg Editor
Custom Slugs
Detailed Click Reporting
Export Click Database
Forward URL Parameters
Nofollow Links
Alternate Base URL
Conversion Reports
Customizable Bookmarklet
Expiring Links
Robot Filtering
Simple Click Counting
Generate QR Codes
Google Analytics Plugin Integration
Add Affiliate Link Disclosures on Pages, Posts, Custom Post Types and Individual Links
Replace URLs in Pages, Posts, Custom Post Types and Comments
Index Keyword & URL Replacements
Automatically Create Links for Pages, Posts and Custom Post Types
Auto-Link Keywords in Pages, Posts, Custom Post Types and Comments
Rotate Redirects
Split Test Redirects
Import and Export Links
Public Link Creation
Social Sharing Buttons
Geographic Redirects
Technology Redirects
Time Redirects
Social Sharing Plugin Integrations

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