The Invincible Inker for Affinity

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best brush

About the Product

The Invincible Inker Brush Pack for Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer

Are you a comic artist or illustrator? Do you love the texture and flourish of inking by hand, but don’t have the time to work traditionally? Do you wish that there were a set of digital inking brushes that accurately captured the feel of hand inking? Well friend, The Invincible Inker is for you!

This pack contains 22 Affinity brushes painstakingly made from real ink, pens and brushes to give your work that authentic, hand-inked feel.

Having struggled to find digital inking brushes that worked well for my own illustrations and comic art, I decided to make the kind of brushes that I’d always wanted to find. I really enjoy using them and I hope you will too!

Please note: these brushes are for Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer only. These are raster brushes and so if you’re using them in Affinity Designer you will need to select the Pixel Persona.

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